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  • Biofy Limitless 14 Day No Sugar Challenge

    Limitless 14 Day No Sugar Challenge

    Are you up for the challenge?! The Limitless 14 Day No Sugar Challenge will EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS and be MUCH MORE than just a no-sugar challenge. You’ll be handed the tools, knowledge and support to finally beat your cravings, eat for your hormones and achieve long-lasting success. If you’re a sugar lover, you can probably […]

  • Are Super Green Powders Healthy

    Are Super Green Powders Healthy or Hype?

    Would you say that you eat enough veggies in a day? What about fruit? Right now, if you’re wondering “how much is enough?” then you’re not alone… A recent study by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that 90 percent of Americans don’t consume enough fruits and vegetables each day. That’s shocking […]

  • which multivitamin is best

    Multivitamins vs. Tablets or Powders

      So, which multivitamin is best? What’s the healthier choice, multivitamins, tablets or powders? It can be a tough daunting decision… You arrive at your local health food store or supplement shop only to be confronted by shelves of confusion… Various brands, supplements, and vitamins all promising you instant remedies and longevity. Blanketed by a sense […]

  • signs you have leaky gut

    Signs You Have Leaky Gut (and 7 natural ways to help fix it)

    Have you ever heard of “leaky gut”? In the natural health community the term gets thrown around almost as much as kombucha or detox. But, what does it actually mean – is it as freaky and dangerous as it sounds? What are the signs you have leaky gut? Truth About Your Gut A healthy gut […]

  • ways to prevent winter weight gain

    10 Ways To Prevent Winter Weight Gain

    If you’re anything like most people, the winter signifies the start of a three-month hibernation period which inevitably leads to winter weight gain. Just because the weather has become cold and the holidays are on the horizon doesn’t mean that you need to accept the problem of gaining weight this winter. Instead, make it your […]

  • how to boost immune system in winter

    12 Tips For Boosting Your Immune System This Winter

    Are you feeling a bit under the weather? Do you often get sick during the cold months of the year? As the temperatures drop and the days get colder the sniffles seem like an unavoidable part of the season. If you are eating an unhealthy diet filled with refined sugar and processed food, and living […]

  • apple cider vinegar for weight loss

    Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss? 7 Healthy Benefits of ACV

    When I think about apple cider vinegar my face almost immediately makes a distorted sour expression and the chills briefly rush over my body… For that reason alone, I’ve stayed clear from this whole apple cider craze. That is, until very recently. Apple cider vinegar is touted as the-one-and-done cure for acne, a solution to […]

  • Superfoods for women

    Superfoods for Supermoms – Healthiest Superfoods for Women

    Do you ever feel like you’re over worked with too much to do and not enough time? Many, if not most people struggle to eat healthy, but moms… they have it even worse. Between the cooking, cleaning, looking after the kids, reaching new heights at work and trying to maintain somewhat of a good appearance. […]

  • how to reduce bloating

    How To Reduce Bloating – Top 7 Foods For A Flat Belly

    We all know the feeling… one moment you’re feeling sexy and confident …and the next, you feel like a balloon that’s ready to pop… If this sounds familiar, don’t worry you’re not alone. 30% of all adults struggle with bloating. And I’m willing to bet there are also some silent sufferers out there. Bloating is […]

  • How To Detox Your Liver

    How To Detox Your Liver In 10 Simple Steps

    We all know that our health is relative to the nutrients we absorb and consume on a daily basis… But what about toxins? Today, we are exposed to more toxins than ever before. Cleaning supplies, plastic containers, body care products, processed food… The chemicals and toxins from these products are either consumed or absorbed by […]

  • 10 Hormones That Can Impact Your Fitness Goals

    10 Hormones That Can Impact Your Fitness Goals

    Hormones and weight loss – weird right? Well, in fact they are much more connected than you may think, and they play a critical role in you achieving your fitness and weight loss goals. I’m sure you’ve seen the person who eats whatever they please – cookies, pizza, ice cream, anything that comes their way […]

  • The Truth About Weight Loss and Detox Tea

    The Truth About Weight Loss, Slimming and Detox Tea’s

    We see them everywhere, promoted by celebrities, Instagram models and reality TV stars as the “new best way to slim down, burn belly fat and detox your body”. But, do they really live up to their promises? Are they healthy and safe to consume? Or, are they just another health fad and marketing gimmick designed […]

  • are fitness drinks healthy

    Is Your Fitness Drink As Healthy As You Think?

    So, what’s the one “healthy” practise that we see advertised everyday by athletes that is in fact jeopardising your health? Consuming health & fitness drinks that are not actually healthy – but they sure look like they are! As scary as it sounds, this is no mistake… It’s a marketing tactic called “green washing’ or […]

  • why am i so tired

    Why Am I So Tired: 5 Ways To Stop Being Sleepy

    Do you often ask yourself “Why am I so tired all the time?”, or maybe you just don’t have the energy to get things done like you once did. If so, you’re not alone. Majority of Americans report being tired multiple days per week which explains why so many people turn to sugary coffee, energy […]

  • Drinking Green Smoothies But Gaining Weight?

    Drinking Green Smoothies But Gaining Weight?

    Whether you’ve just started drinking green smoothies, or you’ve been at it for a while… congrats! You are in the fast lane to improving your health. If you’ve added green smoothies to your routine but struggle to lose weight or shred fat it could be something as simple as the old “calories in v.s. calories […]

  • Guide To Live Limitless

    The Ultimate Free Guide To Living Limitless

    Let me guess, you’re ready to start Living Limitless, but you have a couple quick questions… Right now, you might be thinking something like: “What the heck does it mean to be Limitless?”, or “It sounds kinda cool, but I’m not really sure what it is…”, or you might even be wondering “Is all this […]

  • best foods for a healthy brain

    Eat Your Way Smarter: The 7 Best Foods For a Healthy Brain

    What if you could eat your way smarter? …I know, sounds pretty crazy doesn’t it? But the truth is, a good diet plays a huge role in supporting brain health. While there is no magic pill that will guarantee the prevention of Alzheimer’s, dementia or any other degenerative brain disease, there is brain food… So, […]

  • Cordyceps for endurance

    Cordycep Mushrooms | Exercise, Stamina and Performance

    Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, weightlifter or an adventure enthusiast, we all share the common goal of sustained energy and endurance. A few years ago, during mountain bike racing I discovered the cordycep mushroom… and of course I decided to give them a try. I was ON FIRE! And from that point forward I was […]

  • tips when eating out

    Restaurant Survival Guide – How to eat clean and order at a restaurant

    You go away on vacation or eat out with your friends and what happens? It instantly becomes an excuse to throw away your good eating habits and go all out on the processed restaurant food. You’re quickly left with the feeling like you’ve not only cheated on your diet, but also on yourself. The processed […]

  • Biofy Limitless Greens

    Biofy Limitless Greens – Because we all deserve better…

      Over the years I’ve tried countless greens mix’s and various superfood blends on the market to only discover one thing… I found very few companies I can actually trust. Massive faceless corporations often run the show putting profits over the people. Many supplements are extremely low quality, ridiculously overpriced, they don’t do what they […]