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  • How To Detox Your Liver In 10 Simple Steps

    We all know that our health is relative to the nutrients we absorb and consume on a daily basis… But what about toxins? Today, we are exposed to more toxins than ever before. Cleaning supplies, plastic containers, body care products, processed food… The chemicals and toxins from these products are either consumed or absorbed by […]

  • 10 Hormones That Can Impact Your Fitness Goals

    10 Hormones That Can Impact Your Fitness Goals

    Hormones and weight loss – weird right? Well, in fact they are much more connected than you may think, and they play a critical role in you achieving your fitness and weight loss goals. I’m sure you’ve seen the person who eats whatever they please – cookies, pizza, ice cream, anything that comes their way […]

  • The Truth About Weight Loss and Detox Tea

    The Truth About Weight Loss, Slimming and Detox Tea’s

    We see them everywhere, promoted by celebrities, Instagram models and reality TV stars as the “new best way to slim down, burn belly fat and detox your body”. But, do they really live up to their promises? Are they healthy and safe to consume? Or, are they just another health fad and marketing gimmick designed […]

  • are fitness drinks healthy

    Is Your Fitness Drink As Healthy As You Think?

    So, what’s the one “healthy” practise that we see advertised everyday by athletes that is in fact jeopardising your health? Consuming health & fitness drinks that are not actually healthy – but they sure look like they are! As scary as it sounds, this is no mistake… It’s a marketing tactic called “green washing’ or […]

  • why am i so tired

    Why Am I So Tired: 5 Ways To Stop Being Sleepy

    Do you often ask yourself “Why am I so tired all the time?”, or maybe you just don’t have the energy to get things done like you once did. If so, you’re not alone. Majority of Americans report being tired multiple days per week which explains why so many people turn to sugary coffee, energy […]

  • Drinking Green Smoothies But Gaining Weight?

    Drinking Green Smoothies But Gaining Weight?

    Whether you’ve just started drinking green smoothies, or you’ve been at it for a while… congrats! You are in the fast lane to improving your health. If you’ve added green smoothies to your routine but struggle to lose weight or shred fat it could be something as simple as the old “calories in v.s. calories […]

  • Guide To Live Limitless

    The Ultimate Free Guide To Living Limitless

    Let me guess, you’re ready to start Living Limitless, but you have a couple quick questions… Right now, you might be thinking something like: “What the heck does it mean to be Limitless?”, or “It sounds kinda cool, but I’m not really sure what it is…”, or you might even be wondering “Is all this […]

  • best foods for a healthy brain

    Eat Your Way Smarter: The 7 Best Foods For a Healthy Brain

    What if you could eat your way smarter? …I know, sounds pretty crazy doesn’t it? But the truth is, a good diet plays a huge role in supporting brain health. While there is no magic pill that will guarantee the prevention of Alzheimer’s, dementia or any other degenerative brain disease, there is brain food… So, […]

  • running desert

    How Cordycep Mushrooms Affect Exercise, Stamina and Performance

    Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, weightlifter or an adventure enthusiast, we all share the common goal of sustained energy and endurance. A few years ago, during mountain bike racing I discovered cordycep mushrooms… and of course I decided to give them a try. I was ON FIRE! And from that point forward I was 100% […]

  • tips when eating out

    Restaurant Survival Guide – How to eat clean and order at a restaurant

    You go away on vacation or eat out with your friends and what happens? It instantly becomes an excuse to throw away your good eating habits and go all out on the processed restaurant food. You’re quickly left with the feeling like you’ve not only cheated on your diet, but also on yourself. The processed […]

  • Biofy Limitless Greens

    Biofy Limitless Greens – Because we all deserve better…

    Over the years I’ve tried countless greens mix’s and various superfood blends on the market to only discover one thing… I found very few companies I can actually trust. Massive faceless corporations often run the show putting profits over the people. Many supplements are extremely low quality, ridiculously overpriced, they don’t do what they promise, […]

  • craving sugar means your body needs

    4 Simple Hacks to Kill Your Sugar Cravings

    Sugar. It’s everywhere. Of course, you’ll find it in the obvious places like soft drinks, candy bars, cookies and ice cream… but it also hides in less obvious places. You’ll find it in your favorite BBQ sauce, store bought sausages, bread and even crackers. It’s everywhere, and not by mistake. You see, food giants are […]

  • are artificial sweeteners safe

    Truth About Artificial Sweeteners – Are diet drinks making you fat?

    Whether you’re focused on weight loss, or simply just trying to slim down and lean out for the summer, counting calories is probably a good idea. I guessing first you’ll cut out the fast food, the cream puffs and candy bars. You’ll then quickly make the switch to beverages with artificial sweeteners like diet soda […]

  • Successful evening routine

    Bed Time Routine for Productivity at Work & Life

    Well, this is it. Time to power down. You’ve just finished crushing the day and just like a high-performance race engine, you too, need to cool down. This is your time to relax and recharge, so you can prime yourself to enter deep sleep. Trouble sleeping or not, this is the most basic, yet essential […]

  • best green juice recipe

    Green Juice for Weight Loss & Overall Health

    You’ve seen them, bottled up in the stores, health nuts chugging them back and cafes offering them as their new “drink of choice”. My guess is that you’re interested but maybe a little fearful… Green juice is predominantly made with green vegetables and a little bit of fruit for flavor. It’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, […]

  • natural nootropic

    Are Nootropics Safe?

    If you walk down the street on any given week day what do you see? Workers and students queued up at local coffee shops, half asleep awaiting to fulfill their morning ritual in order to wake up and receive the boost they need to jump back into the daily grind. We all love it, the […]

  • benefits of fasting

    What Intermittent Fasting Does to Your Body & Brain

    Tony the Tiger tells us “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”, and Tony wouldn’t ever lie… would he? This myth about breakfast is commonly and unquestionably accepted as a fact. “If you want to lose weight and be healthy, eat a big breakfast”. You see, the problem is this. Most of us […]

  • Sauna Benefits

    The Science of Saunas – Truth behind my addiction

    Hello everyone, my name’s Tom Sullivan and I’m an addict. Every day without a doubt I step into the sauna and sweat hard for 15-45 minutes. I can’t help it, it makes me feel amazing. And those days when I can’t get to the sauna… well, I’m just not the same. It’s like somethings missing. […]

  • best way to get energy

    6 Simple Hacks That Naturally Boost Energy

    If you feel tired half way through the day with that feeling like you’ve hit a wall, fighting to stay alert, or just feel plain exhausted, it’s time for a change! Skip the extra cup of coffee, steer away from the dangerous energy drinks and try these 6 easy and low-cost methods for naturally boosting […]

  • chronic inflammation

    Inflammation – The Secret Killer

    Chronic inflammation is something no one really wants to talk about. It plays a role in hundreds of diseases including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers, gout, depression and many more. It could be what’s holding you back from living a great life. There’s tons of science backing up how bad chronic inflammation is, yet many of […]